One of the most beneficial things that has come out of our retreats is that people are connecting all over the country.  We have found that families have traveled to another alumni's area to spend time together.  The connections that our moms have forged have extended to their families.  What we have found is that there is great healing in our families finding out that they are not alone.  Our children are able to see that there are other children who have similar struggles and they can connect as well. 

Our Family Gatherings will be held around the United States and Canada and will be much more informal.  There will not be registration fees and for the most part all participants will be making their own accomodations, providing their own food, etc.    There will be a couple group events were families can get together such as a bon fire or a picnic and families can gather for activities as they wish.  You will have plenty of time to break off and do things alone with your family or invite another family or two to join you.

Our "Moms Only" Gatherings offer a weekend to relax, rejuvenate, reset. Some optional activities may offered, but the focus on the weekend is connecting with other moms and recharging your own batteries. Feel free to bring along a project to craft on or just your favorite pillow to nap the weekend away! Moms Only weekends are offered at smaller venues and there is often a cost for food and/or lodging.

We look forward to reaching many more families with this type of outreach and hope that we can continue to foster acceptance and growth.