Things That Make My Heart Hurt

Posted by admin on May 3, 2013

A lot of times one of our "birth kids" will ask me something about when they were born, or when they were babies. This then will prompt a "adopted kid" ( I hate how that looks for some reason) to ask me the same or similar question. It makes me sad that I cant answer their question. With our almost 7 yo, I actually could answer some questions about her birth, But I wont. Not yet anyways. You see she was born addicted to meth, and taken away and placed into foster care for the 1st time of many times :( Also her birth Dad was in the country illegally and wanted for violent crimes in the US, so he was arrested that day also. These are things she will learn one day. And that makes my heart hurt. I mourn the loss of their beautiful birth stories, laughing as we look at baby pictures, or talk about those 1st teeth, words, and   steps...  

So we try to focus of the firsts we do have, the 1st time I saw them, the 1st time they called me Mom, we now have 1st lost tooth, day of school, birthday party, and for our 8 year old her Baptism. We are creating our own beautiful memories, but how my heart still aches for those lost moments I can not share with them.....

        Elayna signing her adoption papers :)

   My 1st day with Mr. Bradley :)

  Bryleigh's 1st lost tooth :)


- Kelly (who blogs at Finding Joy in the Journey)

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