In 2010, one brave mom stepped up and decided that she needed a break in order to give her kids the best she had.  She rented a villa in Orlando, Florida and invited any one else to join her that wanted to.  That year 9 Mommas joined together and forever changed their lives and the lives of countless other moms who raise similar kids.  

In 2011, the call went out to other moms who had heard about the bond forged in Orlando.  Sixty seven (67) women met together for a long weekend in Orlando that second year. In 2012, our numbers grew to ninety (90), and 2013's retreat will boast more than one hundred and twenty (120) women. 

The weekend consists of classes, pampering, fellowship, laughter, tears and much needed relaxation.  Highlights include a 5K walk/run and a large Saturday evening large group meal and entertainment.

The retreat is run entirely on a volunteer basis.  Scholarships are offered for women who cannot afford to make the trip.  Fundraisers are used to secure funding as well as private donations which can be directly given to a particular woman or can be designated for the general fund. Cost of the weekend varies depending on the type of room that is reserved in the Villa itself.  Our group rents several villas and breaks down the pricing depending on room type.  Food, materials, ground transportation and lodging is all covered in the cost of the retreat.

Alumni have found that the connections made and the support they garner in Orlando last a lifetime. Our community stays very connected and offers continual support as we navigate our way through life.  Many of our mommas has reported positive changes not only in themselves but in their children as they make use of the skills, resources and support that they receive due to Orlando.  We are constantly hearing that they cannot fathom how they did it without us!

In May of 2013 Rachel DeBruce took over the reigns of this retreat and was joined by Sheri Rouse.  They founded Beyond Trauma and Attachment Inc. which officially became a nonprofit organization in Georgia! The first BeTA retreat happened in 2014.  Since then, they have announced more informal Gatherings acrossed the United States and Canada.  Their goal is to reach as many moms and families that need our support as we can.   We hope that the bonds we are helping to create can be life changing!